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Slimming Body Care.


Start your day with Dudur Marine Shower Gel, follow with several drops of Slimming Oil, Slimming Cream or Firming Gel. Repeat at night time.

Exfoliate your body two or three times a week with Algae Body Scrub.

Ones or twice a week take a bath with Dudur Slimming Bath. Follow with several drops of Dudur Slimming Oil and Slimming Body Mask. For the final touch apply Slimming Cream or Firming Gel.

Consistent application of Dudur Slimming products will lead to convincing results.

Dudur Slimming Products:
Slimming Bath based on the combination of high concentration of algae Laminaria Digitata (80 % value of fresh algae) and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary (5 %). The laminaria algae combined with essential oils improves the elimination process of fatty tissues.

Marine Shower Gel with sea extracts contains a high concentration of marine active elements which can either be revitalizing or relaxing. Trace elements contained in marine sediments, oyster shell extracts and marine minerals help the cellular renewal. It regularizes the secretion of sebaceous glands and stimulates the natural collagen mechanism.

Algae Body Scrub based on Laminaria Algae, eliminates dead cells and impurities, preparing skin to receive other products from the Dudur line. This body scrub rich in iodine, remineralizes skin and detoxifies the epidermis.

Slimming Oil has draining and firming properties to help the elimination of toxins and fatty tissues. Slimming Oil is the combination of vegetal and essential oils tones the nerves endings of the epidermis. The vegetal oils include grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, corned germ oil (4%) and the essential oils peppermint and rosemary (4%).

Slimming Body Mask is an alginate body mask, specially formulated for body slimming. The mask includes caffeine (guarana) and iodine (laminaria) which are known for their slimming properties and, marine trace elements combined with horsetail extract to eliminate fatty tissues. It also includes rosemary essential oil.

Slimming Cream is formulated with algae extract and essential oils. These active ingredients stimulate cellular renewal, improve the elimination of toxins and excess fluid in tissues helping fight cellulite.

Firming Gel rich in active ingredients (caffeine, wheat extract, oyster shell extract) that has draining and firming properties to help the elimination of toxins and fatty tissues.