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Some people use food when they have emotional problems. If you think that your weight problems are due to the stress, and it causes emotional weight gain, then, you need to discover which emotions trigger the stress. Are you worried, stressed out? Ask yourself what you feel. Once you discover what trigger your problems, then, you can decide what to do in order to resolve your problems once and for all.

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Eating well, drinking plenty of water, being active is a way of life. If they're putting on weight don't suddenly claim, "Today I'm starting a new life". Prepare smart plan that fits to your life schedule. Follow it and do not give up.

Do you beleive that weight loss pills can help to stay in shape. I do not. To regulate your body weight the smart plan has to be created to support your well-being and weight loss.

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Do you love the food and cannot stop eating. You need to realize that you can always have more later, when you are hungry. Learn to eat when you are hungry. Have your meal served in a reasonable size plate. Eat slowly and enjoy your meal.